• TitleAn Adventure to Tell
  • Price
    505 EURO 655 USD 1550 GEL
  • Duration7 Day - 6 Night
  • Date23:52:47 22/06/2019
Day First
· Pick up at the Airport (Any). 
· Arrival in Kutaisi. 
· A walk in the City Center.
· Free time. 
· In case of interest, Visit to Kutaisi museum.
· Overnight in Kutaisi.
Day Second
· Breakfast in Hotel
· After breakfast, Tour around the city. 
· Gelati temple (1106 - y)
· Motsameta Monastery.(VIII- C)
· Bagrati temple. (1003 - y)
· Sataplia. (Famous for it`s cave and Dinosaur footprints)
· Promete cave. (A few kilometer walk inside the beautyful Cave, Where you`ll see stalactites and stalagmites)
· Okatse Canyon. (Exquisite nature. Reason why Megrelian Rulers,Dadiani had a summer residence here)
· Traditional Dinner in the evening(Supra).
· Overnigth in Kutaisi.
Day Third
 Breakfast in Hotel.
Departure to Svaneti, To Ushguli. On the way, near Ipara, a step from the water, You`ll see a   Love Tower“ built on a rock.
* Visiting Ethnographical museum of Ushguli
* One village of Ushguli, Tchazhashi  is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.
* Visit to King Tamar`s winter and summer residence.
* Visiting Lamaria, - Church of Virgin Mary - (IX/X-c) and unique Tower/Fortress complect in Zhibiani.
* Riding horses is possible (optional).
Overnigth in Svaneti
Day Four

       * Breakfast in Hotel. 

       * Visiting famous mountaineers,international sport masters - Mikhael khergiani`s Tower-museum in Mestia.

* Visiting Ethnographical museum of Mestia.
* Ride with a Cableway on Hatsvali Mountains, From there you can see panoramic view of mount Ushba ( Heigth - 4700 m.)
Overnigth in Kutaisi.
Day Five
* Breakfast in Hotel. 
* Visiting Gomi mountain.(Dream in reality)
* Visiting Bakhmaro resort, with unique beauty and unrepeatable views. 
* Udabno Monastery (1858y)
* Shemokmedi Monastery (XIII-c)  
* Likhaura Fortress (XII-c).
Overnigth in Batumi.

Day Six.
* Breakfast in Hotel. 
* Visiting Makhuntsketi waterfall.
* Free time.
Overnigth in Batumi.

Day Seven.
* Breakfast in Hotel. 
*Transfer to the airport (Any)

*Service Includes
✅Guide (during the whole tour)
✅Transportation (during the whole tour)
✅Traditional Dinner (Supra)
✅Breakfast (every day)
✅Delicas in Ushguli
*Service Doesn`t Include
⭕Air Tickets
⭕Travel insurance
⭕Ticket fees