Headed to Svaneti!

Money well spent!

500 EURO 550 USD 1630 GEL

West Of Georgia

Georgia is Divided in to East and West of Georgia by Likhi Ridge. Although they`re close to each other, there`s a huge difference between them. This tour takes place in West of Georgia

680 EURO 725 USD 1905 GEL

More than you expect

When you think of Georgia, You expect a lot, But this Tour will far exceed your expectations

490 EURO 540 USD 1510 GEL

Part of History

With this Tour, you`ll get to know part of Georgias History. You`ll bee seeing a lot of old monuments, which all means a lot to Georgians

475 EURO 525 USD 1470 GEL

An Adventure to Tell

After this trip, You`ll have a Story to tell, over and over again. colorful memories and a place, which you`ll want to visit again.

505 EURO 655 USD 1550 GEL

Short Tour for Weekends

Short Tour, Where you`ll see main landmarks of Georgia. A tour, which will make you want to visit Georgia again.

325 EURO 355 USD 1000 GEL